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Term 1B Highlights

21 December 2021 (by Class Teacher (teacher))

End of Term 1B Update

The pupils of 7LK have continued to make a wonderful effort in all of their learning activities in Year 7. Some of the highlights during Term 1B include:

- In Language and Literacy, we continued to read our class novel, ‘Friend or Foe’, by Michael Morpurgo. We had the opportunity to showcase our fantastic writing skills by writing an informal letter about our experiences as a child evacuated to the countryside during WWII. We explored the concept of a moral dilemma and considered the pros and cons of helping the German airmen in Friend or Foe. In a series of engaging ICT lessons, we researched the Belfast Blitz and used green screen technology to create a television news report about this historic event.

- In Numeracy, we practised multiplying and dividing by single and double digits. We also successfully calculated the area and perimeter of regular and composite shapes, and extended our thinking to calculating the area of triangles. We discovered strategies to solve word problems by working backwards. Additionally, we practised converting units of measure and time and calculated time durations. Recently, we calculated the mean, median, mode and range of sets of numbers. We developed our teamworking and problem-solving skills when completing IZAK-9 challenges and Numicon activities.

- In the World Around Us we completed our topic, ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. We learned why blackouts occurred during WWII and working in groups, we carried out a science investigation to determine what materials are transparent, translucent or opaque. Additionally, we worked in pairs to research the life of Winston Churchill or Neville Chamberlain and created digital fact files about these two historic figures. In a special, week-long project homework, we used common materials to design our own Anderson Shelters, which we presented to our class.

- During Term 1B we continued to complete weekly PE lessons with Mrs Murphy and Mrs Kennedy. We love taking part in our Daily Dander every day before lunch. Recently, we took part in a special ‘Daily Mile Santa Run’ while wearing Christmas jumpers!

- We continued to complete weekly PDMU lessons, which were so fun and exciting! To celebrate Road Safety Awareness Week, we carried out a ‘visibility experiment’ by analysing what pupil stood out the best under various conditions in class (e.g., normal daylight, dark). We also celebrated Friendship Week by identifying what special qualities we would like in a friend.

- To celebrate Christmas, 7LK sang ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’, which was filmed in front of a green screen as part of our Key Stage 2 Christmas production!

- In RE, we completed a variety of fun activities from Grow in Love. In one particular lesson, we listened to an intriguing story about generosity and talked about how we can be generous.

We hope you enjoy our highlights.