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Ballymoney Model Integrated Primary School


In Year 6, pupils have the opportunity to apply for the role of school librarian. They submit their applications to the Year 6 class teachers and a rota is prepared.


School librarians work together as a team to keep the AR library tidy at all times.


As a librarian, responsibilities include:

  • helping out in the library at lunch time
  • keeping the library tidy
  • shelving books correctly
  • helping other pupils to find books
  • sorting books into their correct levels


The pupils work in selected groups, with weekly rotations, taking turns to ensure they fulfil these responsibilities to the best of their abilities.

Below you can see our group of school librarians for this school year, and their librarian timetable.

Our Librarians

Librarians for Term 1B

Our Groups


     GROUP A      Stevie, Cerys, Riley, Amelia, Tia
     GROUP B      Erin, Darcy, Alex, Sophia Br, Addie, 
     GROUP C      William, Zara, Mason, Buthaynah, Ellie M, 
      GROUP D     Oscar, Hannah, Eden, Courtney, Lexi, 
      GROUP E      Iza, Phillip, Noah, Kallie, Pippa, 
     GROUP F       Eliza-Jane, Daniel H, Isla, Katie, Adam L, 
     GROUP G      Aubree, Ryanna, Naomi, Daniel, Ellie S, 
      GROUP H     Addie, Harley, Chelsea, Erin, Sophia Br, 
      GROUP I       Lana, Tulisa, Joshua, Harinder, Sophie, Charley
     GROUP J       Lexi, Alex, Eden, Oscar, Darcy, Isla

Our Rota


Term 1A Term 1B Term 2A Term 2C Term 3
20.9.21  GROUP A    1.11.21  GROUP B    3.1.22  GROUP E     21.2.22  GROUP G    25.4.22  GROUP I     
27.9.21  GROUP B    8.11.21  GROUP C    10.1.22  GROUP F     28.2.22  GROUP H    2.5.22  GROUP J    
4.10.21  GROUP A    15.11.21  GROUP D    17.1.22  GROUP E     7.3.22  GROUP G    9.5.22  GROUP I     
11.10.21  GROUP B    22.11.21  GROUP C    24.1.22  GROUP F     14.3.22  GROUP H    16.5.22  GROUP J    
18.10.21  GROUP A    29.11.21  GROUP D    31.1.22  GROUP E     21.3.22  GROUP G    23.5.22  GROUP I     
6.11.21  GROUP C    7.2.22  GROUP F     28.3.22  GROUP H    30.5.22  GROUP J    
13.12.21  GROUP D    14.2.22  GROUP E     4.4.22  GROUP G    6.6.22  GROUP I     
20.12.21  GROUP C    11.4.22  GROUP H    13.6.22  GROUP J    
20.6.22  GROUP I     
27.6.22  GROUP J