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Ballymoney Model Integrated Primary School

House Captains

In Year 7, pupils can put themselves forward to be a House Captain. They take part in class elections, putting their points across as to why they should be selected. Pupils are then given a ballot paper with both male and female representatives, listed. They choose their candidates in order of preference. These ballots sheets are then returned and tallied by the Y7 teachers, who announce the new House Captains.

House Captains Mission Statement

We want everyone to have fun and we will encourage each member to participate in events and have a  go. We will display good sportsmanship and provide extra support to those who need it. We will be kind and approachable for all house members.



The role of the House Captains is to encourage team work by all pupils participating in house activities and house events whist setting a good example.

House Captains must always be approachable, reliable and embody the school values and Golden Rules for a Happy School.

House Captains are chosen from Year 7 Pupils.


As a House Captain, responsibilities include:

  • acting as a positive role model
  • promoting their house
  • representing their house in whole school assemblies
  • being patient and understanding in all situations
  • listening to others
  • leading by example
  • showing respect to all in the school community

Latest News

House Captains

Please watch this space for news and event information.

Below you can see our House Captains and Vice House Captains for this school year.