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Musical Opportunities



School Orchestra


Members of the orchestra meet weekly after school every Wednesday.

It is a time of fun and harmony.

Working as a group the pupils enjoy rehearsing together and performing different styles of  music.

We encourage all Year 5, 6 and 7 pupils who play an orchestral instrument to join with us on a Wednesday afternoon from 3pm - 3:45pm.

Orchestra News

Coleraine Music Festival - School Choirs

Year 2 Choir

Year 4 Choir

Year 6 & 7 Choir

Coleraine Music Festival - Vocalists

A huge congratulations to our Year 4 Solo Singers who participated in Coleraine Music Festival. They put on a manificent show and were awarded second place, joint third place, highly commended and commended places in their class. All performed with confidence and already they are looking forward to more solo singing in the future. Very well done.

Congratulations to our Year 6 girls who performed so well at The Coleraine Music Festival last week. They truly entertained the adjudicator and audience singing "The Bonnie Blue Eyed Sailor." The girls were awarded second and third places in their class. Well done!

A huge congratulations to our Year 5 boy soloist who achieved second place at The Coleraine Music Festival. He gave a very pleasing performance of "Only a boy called David"

Congratulations to both of these Year 5 girls who were awarded first place and highly commended at The Coleraine Music Festival.The girls gave two lovely performances of the song "Sing a Rainbow"
Congratulations girls!

This young man certainly hit all the right notes in his performance at Coleraine Music Festival. He was awarded first place in his class and at the close of the festival he was awarded The Honourable Irish Society Bursary for the most promising voice of the entire festival. Congratulations!

"Sing, sing a song" was the song our Year Seven girls performed at The Coleraine Music Festival. They certainly performed to a very high standard in a very large class. Each girl was awarded a second or third place. Well done girls and keep singing!

Coleraine Music Festival - Instrumentalists

Music Tuition by the Music Loft

The top three! Well done to our Year 7 flautists who attained the top three places in Coleraine Music Festival.
Each girl gave of their best and they also enjoyed listening to other participants in their class.

Singing Lessons by Aimee Doherty